Tuesday, July 26, 2005

PSU Ftbl Podcast 5 Jul 27 05

Episode 5 with Lydell Mitchell and Charlie Pittman:

Two of Penn State's best ever running backs join this podcast.

Lydell Mitchell (1969-1971), joins us on July 27, 2005. He's being inducted into the college football hall of fame next month, and it will be an honor to have some time with him on the 'cast.

Also, another All-American running back, Charlie Pittman (1967-1969), joins in on the conversation.

You'll want to hear their thoughts on what it was like at the beginning of the Joe Paterno era and what that means to this year's squad.


Anonymous said...

Tony... Do you have any ties to Vangaurd Mutual Funds?

Tony Pittman said...

Not directly, no. I do know some folks who work, or used to work, at Vanguard.

Anonymous said...

Excellent work. This podcast was definitely needed! Can't wait for the season!