Wednesday, October 26, 2005

psu Ftbl Podcast 19 Oct 26 05

After blowing out Illinois 63-10, the Lions take aim at Purdue and setting up a big showdown with the Wisconsin Badgers in a game that may well decide the Big 10 Championship.

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PokerGuy12 said...

Go Purdue! All those Indiana players talk game but they can’t hang. I wanted to bet my friend who goes to Indiana that they won't win. Then he told me we could go to Pokerblue and play their Freeroll Texas Hold'em poker Tournament for Purdue and Indiana football fans. We battle our rivals at the poker table on Winners get 2 free tickets to that rivalry, $100 for tailgating, and qualify for the next round where National Championship Rose Bowl tickets and $2000 travel package is the grand prize. I'm all over this. Here is a great site for tournament info.