Thursday, November 03, 2005

psu Ftbl Podcast 20 Nov 3 2005

Episode #20 just went up. Lee Rubin (Safety from 1989-1993) joins me, Phil Collins, and Charlie Pittman on this episode. We talk about the upcoming battle against the well as the hotly debated issue at Notre Dame involving Charlie Weis and Ty Willingham. Since it is not directly Penn State related...please go here ( ) if you would like to weigh in on that topic. You can hear our thoughts on the issue on the podcast. Hope to hear from you guys...

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Larry said...

Hey Tony,

Big fan of the show.

Don't know if you've already taped your podcast, but what are your thoughts on who the Lions will play in the BCS (pending the Spartans game of course). Who do you want to see?

Stewart Mandel of CNNSI predicted the Fiesta against Oregon. Your '94 team played Oregon in the Rose Bowl, which was a great game by the way...but OREGON???!!!

After a great season and we get the Ducks AGAIN????!!!!

No disrespect to the Quacks, but I just think the Lions deserves to play someone better and more Florida State or Miami or Notre Dame. Or USC or Texas.

Again, no disrespect to Oregon, but please anyone in the Top 10!